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"If you want a thing done well, do it yourself" -- Napoleon Bonaparte.

I welcome you to the Official Site of BizPulse Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. The site will give you a brief understanding of the Products & Services we offer as well a little bit of Information about our Top Management. You are probably here, because you want some software developed or a Technical Documentation written. We have written in detail some of the projects we have been part of or the technologies adopted by us in completing these projects, but we thought it would be better if the site itself demonstrates our capabilities. By clicking on the button, we take you to a site developed by us for us. This is the way we would like to work i:e always connected and always up to date with simplicity of use. If you do not like it, write it is our motto. We were vexed with the response time of some of the web sites we created and so it was suggested, that we write a web server ourselves. Putting what we preach into practice, we decided to write a WebServer with a built in Database as well as Business Logic. What you will be seeing shortly is nothing but an implementation of that. If you like what you see, then probably we are the right candidates to take up your software project. What better way to show your capabilities than to see it in action. What you are about to see is an Application which works like a WebServer and capable of handling Web Pages, Database & Reporting and hosted on our own Server. Remember that every page, resources including video and database forms and reports are served by BizERM. Together with HTML and Javascript, what you will see in the following pages is every user`s delight. Right from Sensor`s, Mechatronics, Accounting Systems, Document Management Systems, you name it and they are all there for you to see and preview. Remember to ask for a User Name and Password if you want to preview the Database Capabilities. Browse through the site and if you like what you see, then get back to us and maybe we can work together. Looking forward to a fruitful relationship with you.

Reji Philip Kurian

Managing Director